DIY E-foil for sale in Spain

Hi all,

Up for sale my custom built efoil. Summary of the components below and happy to answer any questions.

I don’t use it anymore as I’ve got quite involved with the foil assyst type and selling this one to fund more components.

Kit is compromised of:
-Custom full carbon board 133 x 60 cm with waterproof compartment and compression latches
-APS200a 60v (good for 12s)
-Flipsky 65161 100kv
-Custom battery 12s12p out of samsung cells on a waterproof fiberglass casing
-12s balance charger
-Maytech remote with extra waterproofing
-Gong foil
-Extended antenna running up to the front of the casing

This setup works really well with good autonomy. Board is on the small side so you’d need to have a good balance or previous experience.

Esc is water cooled without the need of pump, just through pressure keeping the whole setup very cool.

Based in Alicante (East of Spain).

Price, 3200 euros.

Any interest, let me know.




Nice rig and excellent price.

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Hello Jordi, one year passed but sale still pending?
Nice setup, would you negociate for the price?


Bumping the thread. Still available and looking to sell it to fund other projects!