DIY efoil flipsky W7 group recommendations?

Hi everyone!

I would really appreciate your feedback as I am thinking about buying the flipsky W7 group to build my own efoil. Any ideas/input would be very helpful! Has anyone tried this kit with the ESC 75200? Do you suggest 100 or 120KV?

As suggested many times, buy the motor with 8mm thread, not the splined one because you wonβ€˜t find alternative props that fit. Most people use 120kV, this is the preferred value, although 100kV works as well, assuming you run it with 12 or 14S. The prop is too big, better get one that fits, there are many options, search the forum. You can even print your own. Diameter around 150mm and 6-7β€œ pitch works best.


Thanks for you reply.
I have 10s battery so you suggest 120 KV.
As for the 8mm thread thanks for that also.
Important informations

Flipsky also sells a Bluetooth module that lets you connect to the Vesc via a smartphone. That allows logging and changes to the Vesc setup


Ok. I bought that too :wink:

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