DIY full carbon mast & blue carbon fiber wings from 3d printed molds ! (free for efoil builders)

Hi guys ! I have been working hard the past few months to make reusable 3d printed molds. It’s super easy make parts from these molds! So much easier than making molds by hand…

Here are some pictures of the foil I made (you can see the 3d printed molds next to it) :

The front wing is hollow and strong, also quite cheap to make because I choose to use fiberglass inside the wing.

If some of you are interested I’m making everything free for efoil builders on my website:

You can learn how to make reusable molds (if you only want to make your own molds).
You can also download anything else and I will give your money back.
All you need to do is post a review with a picture of any part and 3d printed mold you want. This offer is available until 21 march 2020! And you have one month from the day of your purchase to have a full refund when you post a positive review with pictures. So you will have more than enough time to make your first part.

This way it’s risk free for you and it helps me with my website.

You can find more details here on how to make reusable 3d printed molds and composites parts the cheapest way :

You can find more details here on how to make the eFoil and download the stl files :

If you have any question don’t hesitate to ask me.


Very Nice :+1:
Greetings Frank

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Thanks Frank !

I also forgot to say, if there is a wing design you want, I can make the 3d printable mold of the wing and make it available for everyone here. So anyone can use it on it’s own build.


Where do we leave a review? I really need a bigger front wing for my setup.

Sure, do you already have a design of the wing so I can design the mold ? Also what 3d printer do you use (so I don’t make the parts too big) ? You can leave your review with a picture here (when you scroll down you will see the customer review section)

I have access to a Creality (can’t remember the model) but it’s about 300x300 or 350x350 I think. The wing I need is similar to this one:

Something big!

Ok :’) I will make something similar then. I will use the E817 profile unless you want another NACA profile ? If it’s a creality with a build plate of 30x30 then the height is probably 40cm.

Now that we know that big surf wings with thick (13-15% thickness to chord ratio TCR) airfoil sections are a bit too slow for our use, we should start building big wings in the 900-1300cm2 surface range thinner airfoil (8-11%) section like the E817 (11% but could be thinned down) which has shown its quality on the kitefoil or windsurf scene, that is tolerant at low speed and stable at higher speeds. Your process is a good tool to do that. :+1:

Thanks SoEfoil ! What distance would you recommend here from your experience : image

It’s a Creality CR10S 400 x 400 x 400 mm build bed. Not sure about the angles and what else is best.

One of @Jezza ‘s builds that was good for both high speed and low speed foiling used the unifoil 170 wing. ( It’s a high aspect wing that is ultra efficient. I would love to see a wing like that!

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The rule is “everything works but what has been produced works better” eg the RL front wing.
Tips down is called anhedral. a height of 3% of wing span gives comfort and manoeuvrability.
The more flat, the less wetted surface, the highest projected surface often used with short chords and thin airfoil sections to go straight and fast but still manoeuvrable.

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Thanks SoEfoil! That’s the wing I have designed so far with the dimension you asked (sorry I was delayed…)


we should make standard dimensions to attach the wing to the fuselage. What would be a good dimension for your fuselage (length and width) ?

Just bought your courses, looking forward for messing with resin. Will have some help, there is a guy here who builds 1:4 scale airplanes, lot of vacuum bagging and gF and cF…Do i need that complex mast and fuselage ? Or i just Mount the wings on aluminum fuselage or mast… Success on your project !

Hi Tigeriki! You don’t have to make the fuselage, you can make the rear wing first and I will make the front wings molds available with a “standard” mount. Could you tell me the dimensions of your fuselage ? Also is there a wing an stabilizer design you prefer ?

I really do not know yet, i was looking to the Gong Allvator Pro L (i think). I am looking for a beginner stable stuff about 65-70cm mast… I just bought the Flipsky 100KV motor (similar to Louis’s build : Flipsky 100kv flier esc Holland build - Builds - ) with the same prop… Hopefully Banggood delivers with virus or not…( The mast looks a little intimidating for me)

It’s fine, you will gain more confidence when making parts. Start with the smallest and easiest first. Then you will see it’s the same thing every time, it’s just harder because of the size and the amount of material you use (layers of cloth, filler, etc). If you want to save money for the mast you could buy it from china (it seems to work fine from previous posts).

Started printing

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Nice! I recommend you to print each part with it’s opposite like this

It helps making the final assembled part more accurate. Because sometimes when you remove a print from the plate, etc., you move the plate and the height isn’t perfectly the same as the previous print. But here it should be fine.