DIY hand held outboard motor

Hey guys made this project for when a group of us go tubeing down the river. I can use this to get us out of the way of the obsitcal in the river. Its powered by 2 4000mah 6s with flipsky esc and 6384 190kv motor. I tested it this weekend with my son and everything went well besides the speed… I feel like it should have more getup speed. Was able to get to 5mph in a little explore 300 blowup. I’ve done everything with my 3d printer. The prop is 110mm and 45mm tall.
Not knowing much about hydrodynamic but was wondering on your guys opinion on what I can do to improve it thanks!.. that’s the bottom half. Direct drive.

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you should try without duct, I am sure it will be much better, as your openings to let water in are really small.

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Interessting project, here my suggestions: Increase the diameter of your prop hub to match the motor diameter or fill the gap between the motor and the prop with a cone shaped part for better aqua dynamics. Reduce the size of the struts to allow more water intake. Build the duct in the shape of a foil profile i.e. naca0012.

Need a duct strictly for safety. Thanks for the input I wasn’t sure if they are big enough!

Thank you very much because I was thinking the exact opposite. Making the prop farther away from the motor hull…You guys are awsome!

Well, the distance of the prop from the motor hull depends on the length of the shaft, I was just suggesting to shape a cone between the motor and the prop, a longer distance means the angle of the cone will be more flat, but the load on the motor bearing will be higher. maybe you can post a picture of the whole assembled thruster to better understand how it works. In which direction does the thrust go?

Well lucky I have another motor hull that puts the prop 3inches further away to test. I’ll have take a pic when I get home from work.

Here is a screen shot without its nose in a pool.

Here it is fully assembled. Thurst is to the left.

You should do your duct more like in the pic. Your ribs are too wide and block the waterflow.

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Pictures tell more than words, exactly what I was trying to suggest.

Yes. That’s what I’m working on currently. Thanks for the picture! Looks sexy! Lol

I will soon also be printing in 3 D with carbon firestag Greetings from Germany ciao Klaus :love_you_gesture: :Sonnenbrille: