DIY mast & wing sheap

The first step would be to determine which cloth, how many layers of cloth, the angle of sheet metal bent etc. If I pursue this, I will do short test sections…maybe 2 inches long before I commit to a full mast.

ps. We might be able to use this technique to form wings??

  1. Form basic wing shape
  2. Add lower fillet


Yes, absolutely. I think your idea can work if the first carbonlayer(s) are thin and flexible(is carbon flexible?), and then do as you say, and then some more carbonfiber(when it has its shape), and again as you say :laughing:

@Ruibo_Cai, Hi i dont know, but think not, but it is pretty simular, i guess the profile is about 110mm x 17mm. The Length is different, there is beginners mast, 2nd level and full mast. Full mast vary from what i have seen from about 800mm to 1000mm. Sorry for my bad English and late answer. Hope its some help :smile:

I have printed the mast, mast plate and two foils with 1kg of orange pla @23$ a kg ! Then used ltr and 40$ if carbon and 10dollars if fiberglass to laminate!

Still a work in progress! Check my #builds


You would need two layers of carbon over 4-5 layers of glass with one layer at 45degrees to stop twisting .

I’m doing it at the moment :wink:


Also after curing you wouldn’t bend it into an aerfoil shape! Way to stuff

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Thanks for the explanation Flex. This question arose when I was about to print those mast clamps. I guess later when I buy a foil, I will need to verify if its mast profile matches my printing.

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@Ruibo_Cai, Here is some specs from Liquid Forse :smile:

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@DavidC, Great, cant wait, please post some pics too, and yes that what i was afraid of, god info :smile:

Guys, Just found this site to DIY the foil easy way:

what do you think? Will it be suitable to incorporate to our mission?


Black Friday sale advertised here for a Liquid force Happy Foil.

Does anyone know if this would be a good choice for an efoil?

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Thats a very good deal! I’d jump on it if I didnt have a foil.

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I think the front wing looks a bit small. But you can just make a new wing if needed:)

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I tested these blue LF wings on my setup and yes you definitely need a lot of speed. I was barely able to get to the required foiling speed. That’s because my current duckt/prop setup doesn’t work great for high speeds, without duct no problem. So if you optimize that and like fast, go for it.

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Thanks for the feedback!

I think I want to be able to foil slowly, at least to start, then go for speed as my skill, craft, etc. improve.

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They also have this one on sale It is the same one that Pacificmeister uses but a newer model. The wings etc are the same but it has a wider and slimmer mast. Could be a good option. Cheers.

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You can’t bend carbon, as was said, after the resin cures. Its stiffness and resistance to bending is what it’s known for.

If you want to keep it simple, check the above. It’ll get you started.

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Hi there,
wanto to share my experience so far building my own hydrofoil from scratch… Started by searching for those external building aluminium shades that seem very much like foil shapes…Bought a 6 meter long profile for about 50Euros (Enough to make at least 6 Foils). Made the Foil design Version1 in Fusion360 and passed to the building of the foil. Aluminium profile, printed 3d parts and wood wing.

Aluminium Profile selected:

Fusion Version1 Foil

Pictures of live Foil:


Very nice. How did you attach the mast to the fuselage? Those screw holes look very small.

How did you strengthen the mast foot? Looks like its just plastic.

How do you route the wires from the board to the mast? What section is waterproof and how?

@rui_ribeiro wow, very beautiful, i think you should glass and/or carbon mast and wings, thanks for shearing. You should share this in build topic too. Great job :grin:

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