DIY metal back wing anyone?

Has anyone just cut a piece of 4mm metal sheet to make it a back wing ?

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+: Cheap, easily available, stiff
—: rusts in any water

The cheapest alternatives are rectangular sections of G11 (FR4 G10) flat bars sanded down to dimensions. Sanding carbon flat bars = nasty dust.

Worth a try: carbon fibre fabrics (not so expensive) + resin applied with a brush around a thin 3D printed core (airfoil section Eppler E817).
ebay or sites like

That’s just a blunt knife :wink: don’t use metal. Use a composite solution.
You could take a cheap skateboard deck and cut it to the right shape and do a bit of sanding. Then coat it with some fibreglass.

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Yes you are right. We eventually go for a 10mm G10 plate, rounding the edges