DIY mini boom for wing

Ok started a discussion in text and decided to bring it out in public.

Built a mini boom out of a piece of 29mm carbon paddle for my 5m F-One Swing and I like it but it’s too thick. Thinking 25mm OD thickneas is right. Ebay has lots of 1M pieces for sale.

I bought some 1" (25mm) wide dual sides Velcro strap to hold it to the handles ($7 Amazon) and some 2" (50mm) heavy duty self adhesive Velcro ($17) to stick on the boom. I have enough left over to last a lifetime.


I’ll get more later but here’s one I snapped. In this one only the front handle is wrapped with Velcro strap, the other two were already removed. I never remember to take pics when my gear is assembled.

You just attach the strap to the boom. Wrap it around the handle and then roll it a little tight against the handle and secure the Velcro.

Put the soft side (loop) on the boom and that makes it so the soft side wraps over your handle so you don’t rub yourself raw.