DIY remote waterproof JeffM => STL files

After a success test on the water I share my files.
I tested only once.
Parts list

Remote(the circles at the base are here only for printing, to prevent warping)

Cover with waterproof switch ON/OFF (option 1)

Cover with magnetic switch ON/OFF (option 2) @Hiorth Nikolai tips :slight_smile:


Cover Trigger


I’m interesting by your project , can you post instructions to built it ?
have you several pictures to final project ?

Here a small assembly procedure

If I have a time I’ll add some pictures

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here Cooling the ESC - #60 by jeffM - Electronics (ESC, remote, batteries) -

Super merci
Je pense qu’en tu es français comme moi
J ai une question au sujet du coupé circuit type moteur de bateau avec un Cordon et une attache pour le pied , peux tu m indiquer comment et ou tu le connectes
Merci encore point to aide

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You can find the answer here :

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Procedure updated with some pictures

Test with magnetic switch on/off

under water

wireless charging


Hey @jeffM when you made the seal fpr the remote top. Did you use sikaflex or silicone?

I made the seal with silicone

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Hi @jeffM . I’m just finished making your waterproof remote. Thanks again for sharing. It looks great but I have one problem.
As I understood from the instructions I used the steering dimmer from the original remote as the throttle dimmer on the printed remote and soldered it to to throttle wire connections.
After programing the ESC for forward throttle only, the remote throttle switch will only work when I push the lever forward.
I’m not sure what mistake I have made. Any assistance would be appreciated.

You have 2 throttles in the original remote
If I remember I use this one:

Perhaps it’s the PB if you use this other one

Thankyou @jeffM . I used that one for throttle too. Did you need to reverse the wires on the dimmer or battery.

Just an update. I reversed to 2 outer potentiometer/dimmer wires. Problem solved.

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Jeff, did you find the wireless charging feature to work well? Would you do that again and if so do you recommend any specific parts or methods to do or avoid? Also are the parts inside the remote bulky for wirelss charging? I think that feature is cool want to add that to my remote.