DIY super simple hassle-free Cable-Remote

Since we’re all still having troubles with all that wireless remotes and there are no actually good remotes on the market that just work for long time without electrical engineers fixing them from time to time, I thought about developing a cable remote with this community.

  • No battery that need to be charged
  • No fancy electronics to get water damaged
  • DIY so everyone can built it with simple and cheap components
  • No way to lose it since its tied by cabel

So how to do that? Here are my thoughts:

Princip: HALL sensor with magnet in housing. Connected by wire to ESC. Power for HALL sensor by ESC. Nothing else!

Top level requirements:

  • Watertight
  • corrosion resistant
  • pull resistant
  • easy to built
  • no way to accidentally apply throttle ( 2-step activation?)

Sensing: HALL sensor paired with a magnet on a spring actuated lever (pistol trigger style) (maybe don’t use a steel spring du to corrosion and integrate spring into printed part)
Housing: FDM 3D Printed ABS ( no need for water tightness as sensor and cable will be soaked into water tight stuff like “PlastiDip” )
Cable: Repurpose any 1.5 to 2.0m USB cable (4 wires and often kevlar reinforced for pulling). Cut off small connector and solder onto hall sensor.
Connection to eFoil: just a hole with watertight seal OR watertight USB socket to unplug the Remote (sense?)
Connection to ESC: For VESC you can just hook it up as analoge input, for any PWM esc you need device to convert analoge to PWM (arduino, or a special IC?)

So, what do you think?


I haven’t finished my first build yet. Based on many hours of reading on this forum (which is awesome btw!), I’m thinking about using a wired control too. This in combination with a leash, in order not to loose the board when it gets grabbed by a wave. (I will be using it at sea).

I’m curious about any technical ideas from the more experienced builders

The combustion engine jet surfboards seams to use cable remotes and a leash, for sure would work on a foil also. My plan is to do the same, maybe utilizing a servo tester.

I did something like this on my towbogie. Just a simple thumb throttle and servo testet. If you use vesc you can even skip the servo tester and connect the thump throttle directly

Nice Idea to use a dirt cheap thumb throttle.

Can you just plug it into the VESC and adjust the range with the vesc-tool, or do you have an Arduino in between to sort out the signal?
And how did you manage the waterproofing?

And a thumb throttle doesn’t have a brake function does it?

Here some instructions for those not having an vesc

Would like to replace the servo tester with something of higher quality but have not find anything suitable.

Yes. You need 5v gnd and the signal from the hall sensor to ADC1 the rest over vesc tool

How is it holding up in the water ?

Well it is simple mechanics mostly plastic. Nothing that can be damaged by water. Just little rust checking from time to time for the spring.

How is the v shaped hull on your tow boogie working out?


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Those who have already foiled don’t want an annoying cable.
A cable is unnecessary and dangerous, especially with remote control, which works well from $ 20.
Greetings Frank

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Which $20 remote are you referring to? I could do with a spare.

This solution presents some risks when you don"t have time to release your index from the thumb throttle and are ejected from the efoil board.


Yes, and also the return spring can get jammed…Believe a kill switch with leash is way to go is the solution then remote controller or cable remote.

Been running wired since two years, no safety cutoff needed as throttle inevitably leaves your hand. My board stops immediately.

I don’t find it troublesome, more thinking it would be annoying to swim with a hand held remote

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