DJI ESC Is this feasible?

Is this ESC feasible?

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That’s an ESC, not a Ubec. I don’t see a reason it would not work. Seems like a straight forward ESC with PWM input.

Price is around 99$
How it can be configured?

" Assistant:
PWM output frequency settings
Display Flight Logs
Acceleration settings
Timing settings
Active braking settings
Motor rotation direction settings
Startup tone settings
Throttle range settings
Firmware upgrade"

I am guessing through a cable with “assistant software”.

Says it has every "over"protection. Cant seem to read anything about phaze current monitoring :no_mouth:. 45k erpm on 6pole motors, good for 1000kv on 12s.

For me it is more 150k erpm : 3 poles pairs x 4,2v x 12 x 1000