Do you think it would be possible to build a jet-surf for 500-750 Dollars

I am thinking about building an Electric Jetsurf but I have a tight Budget

I would like to encourage you, but unfortunately I dont think its feasible with that budget in mind.

My experiments with jet drive lead me to believe they are power hungry and unacceptably difficult to achieve acceptable efficiency for our applications.
They draw higher power which require bigger batteries and components which cost more.

I think if you follow this path you will lose your money and have little to show for it. I recommend finding a less ambitious project for that budget and one that could reward you with a finish project.

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I highly doubt it. Battery packs alone cost around that amount whether you build them yourself or buy an ebike battery or something. Plus you need a board, motor, remote, ESC, etc… unless you can get some freebies! lol

You remind me of a young me (me last year as I was planning my build) :joy: I initially thought I could do it for 1k or less but I soon learned that it wouldn’t be possible so unfortunately I will have to agree with the others. Whether it is an electric surf board, a jet surf or an efoil, you will find it extremely hard to build something decent with that budget. I suggest you try to put some money aside each week and slowly order the parts needed for your build. Since you are going for a jet propulsion, I also suggest you do extensive research before buying anything to make sure that it will work once everything assembled. Anyway I hope it will work out for you! Building an efoil was a great experience for me and now I get to ride it and let my friends experience it as well. I’m probably 3k in now but I’m ok with it. You only live once lol

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You could purchase half of the cells for a decent battery for that much :rofl:

Ok, made some simple calculations for you :
=> Assuming you go the diy way for following or even got them for free :
* Jet pump (impeller, stator, nozzle)
* Jet board : diy will still cost you something like $150 or more

Following is based on a diy board from a Korean youtuber (I’ll post the video at the end). Video is in three parts, make sure to check the three of them, het gets pretty decent results (450N).

You still need to buy :
Epoxy, ball bearings, cables,… = $250 or more depending on what you get
2x turnigy aquastar t20 730kv = $240 (those are not the best. He is running them at max amp which can’t be handled for more than a couple of seconds. I would advice a minimum of 20kW peak motor, 13-15kw constant / between 150-200kv)
Flier twin motor boat 300A esc = $308

Your budget is already blown up and you are missing the CNC parts, battery pack, test pool, bearings,… and every single thing you are going to break / blow up during the tests.

Lampuga boost is using a Lehner 7040 300kv 20kw water cooled motor which is worth $1100 along with MHZ jet unit ($700) and you are still missing the ESC, battery and other components :rofl:

Conclusion : jet surf is a money pit, especially if you have no previous experience with them.

Video :


Yes you can do it in your budget. But it won’t be fast or have a long run time!
From my perspective these would be your budget costs:
Motor: $120
Prop: 3d print something custom for the motor
ESC: $250
Remote: $30
Batteries: what’s left…

As I say though that won’t get you a long run time, but it would get you up and running.
My battery builds 12s14p come in at around $500 alone. That’s really where the costs go…
For a realistically priced jetboard you’d be looking at a bit over $1000.

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Contact this guy he is doing some interesting stuff

He is quite a character but he seems to have created a pretty impressive jet board using basic parts. I contacted him and he was very helpful

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Well, SSS56114 direktdrive with 6S10Ah, maybe possible for around $550 :thinking:
Motor: $120
ESC: $250
Remote: $30
Battery: $120
Parts: $30


Hey man could you send me his e-mail or contact information? he has a pretty neat board and I want to learn more about his design.

This is on his Youtube channel