Does anyone use this fuse as a switch?

I saw this fuse in some boards with 150 or 200A.
Is there anyone using this as a on off mainswitch?
Is there a spark protection?
It could be so easy if yes…

If you use that type make sure to buy from a reputable “marine” company. Boats have been using them for decades. They are a true amp rating and the composite material is quality. The cheap knockoffs can’t handle the rated amps and the plastic is crap and cracks when you try to tighten the nuts.

You get what you pay for…


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Okay thanks. And Is there a spark protection?

I use and used one like this last year , high quality rated for 200A , as a main switch and I didn’t recorded any « spike » turned on or off
Tried to measured as well but nothing since I had no problem with my esc I assumed it would be fine ,and keep using it this year

That sounds great. I will try it, too

I concur on all points particuarly you get what you pay for , I would add that I am not a fan of the barrel style shown on the right in your picture. I cut a hole in my battery box and have the switch/breaker part on the outside. those barrel type breakers have o be mounted inside the box and if your battery/electronics box gets crowded something could press on the button breaking the connection on you. You will end up chasing gremlins that are not there forever .
Or any good marine grade hydraulic magnetic circuit breaker, please notice “hydraulic”, which stays for contacts inside an oil bulb, so no sparks. One thing to keep in mind though, is the “delay curve” of the breaker you chose, usually the one made for windlasses have a 300% over 15seconds tolerance, in other words a 100A rated will keep up untill 300A for 15sec, and likely never trip for a typical efoil ride, even if at 120Amp!
Serious Companies specifies these curves, cheap ones not, other than the max rated voltage, to be considered because a 12V model, say 100A type, can take 1200W and stay safe, probably will struggle under the 4800W of a 13s battery (48V time 100A…).

From the website you posted, which model would you recommend for an efoil? Also, do you have a link where you can buy direct?

From Carling I know the C series, but check that website, it’s full of info about breakers.
I inherited some Carling C and Bussmann 50A 80A and 110A at work, even the 50A can keep up with a 4.5Kw PMSM motor at full speed for a while, you can hear the arc popping when you power up the esc, but so far so good.
Don’t k oe where to buy, but are rather common in marine industry.

Alright so I found this one: which is the 100amp version! This could serve the purpose of a fuse, on/off switch and an anti spark while also being able to handle the current and voltage of an efoil? Found a cheaper option, single pole: . Do we need more poles?

the cheap one looks good. I want to go with 14S. Do you think, it would work?
And aren`t 100A too less?