Does the Maytech remote receiver function as the bluetooth device for connecting from VESC Tool (Android)?

I have a Maytech MTSKR2005WF V2 remote. It’s talking over UART to the VESC (maker x 75 200), and I can see battery voltage, etc.

Does it allow me to connect with VESC tool over bluetooth? I’m using Mac, and would prefer to configure from my android phone than find a pc for USB VESC tool.

If not, then I guess I’m going to have to remove the TX/RX pins of the Maytech receiver, and connect a Bluetooth NRF51 device so that I can configure the VESC over bluetooth. I’ve seen UART splitter which would allow both bluetooth devices to connect over the same UART connection to the VESC, but the shipping is very expensive.

I don’t think you can connect the remote to vesc tool over BT. You could use the new CAN modul. This way you could connect the pc via tcp bridge to the metr module which then connects to the VESC through can. This way, the uart port can still be used for the maytech receiver. Or just disconnect rt/tx from the receiver and use a cheap BT module which can be tcp bridged through the vesc app on your android phone. Cheaper but you loose realtime values on the remotes display.
Metr pro can: Metr Pro CAN [available to order] - Vendor Corner (SERIOUS) - DIY Electric Skateboard Forums

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Thanks for the reply, the Metr CAN version would be a tidy solution, but I’ll work with what I have here.

I’ll use a combination of bluetooth to UART (RX/TX), and Maytech receiver for control and batt voltage display.

I have the maker-x nrf51 bluetooth module, which works for VESC tool, so I’ll use it for logging telemetry to my phone and configuring the VESC. I’ll have this module connected to the RX/TX ports on the VESC.

The Maytech remote is connected to the PPM connection on the VESC for control purposes, with PWM_T (Maytech) to PPM-Sig (on the VESC), 5V and GND. There’s a separate batt+ input on the Maytech receiver, so I’ll connect that to the +ve battery terminal on the VESC, and then I can see the battery voltage on the remote (which is the main thing I’ll want to see realtime).

That should sort it.

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Here’s how I have wired it up. Maker-x 75/300 vesc. Maytech remote. Maker-x nrf51 bluetooth board. Android VESC tool app talking vesc to the nrf51.

NRF51 goes to the uart port (5 pin port on vesc, with RX (receiver) to TX (VESC), and vice versa).

Maytech receiver goes to PPM 3 pin port on vesc.

The 5pin UART cable from the maytech is disconnected, so no display of current usage on remote.

I connected Vbatt to the maytech, so I can see voltage on the remote. I found a pin on the maker-x VESC for Vbattery, shown in the pic between the capacitors with a single red wire connected to it.

I’m planning to leave a phone in the pelican case, logging vesc data. The reception for the nrf51 is not very far from within the aluminium enclosure, but works from 1m away. I have an extended antenna for the maytech.

When I’ve tuned it’s performance, I might just disconnect the nrf51 and connect the maytech receiver onto the uart port instead.