Doubt about flipsky

Good morning Boys…i have a doubt on flipsky esc. Now explain my problem. So i must use a new mainboard because on my scooter the original esc doesn t work well. When i open the gas, i ear some Power cut ( from 5 to 8 km/h) Only when the battery Is over 60%…
So i see the flipsky esc. My scooter has two motors with 1300 w in continuos Power and 1800w of peak each other; the battery has 60v and 26ah, with 16s7p cells.
I ask an hand because the spec of all flipsky escs talk about 12s or 13s battery. Only 75200 could be use on 16s batteries. In your opinions are safe use for example a dual 4.20 or a dual 6.6?
Thanks for the replies.

Hi Tailele, how are you?

I wouldn’t do that if I were you. The dual 4.20 and dual 6.6 support up to 13 cells (although up to 12 is recommended). The voltage specifies 60V because each cell has a nominal voltage of 3.7V, but can reach up to 4.2V when fully charged. This means that your 16s battery has a nominal voltage of 59.2V but can reach up to 67.2V.

You should buy an ESC compatible with your battery, or buy another battery compatible with your original ESC. By the way, what are the specifications of your scooter ESC and motor?

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Fbob, thanks for the reply… I didn t think that the maximum voltage could be 4.2v. It Is correct .
I see another esc that i could buy… flipsky 75200…this Is the correct esc.
For your question , i don t know the specs of my original esc, because the e-scooter Is cinese, and so It Is difficult to know.

Like @fbob said, don’t even try your 16s battery on any 4.12 or 6 (v)esc variant, you will kill it immediately.

Since you have two motors, I would recommend dual esc like this: Ubox V2 75V 200A Dual Motor Controller Based on VESC – Spintend
It is new, not so much tested, but first tests looks good.

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Thanks so much…It seem with a good price…naturally i don t know anything about motors, i know only the Power and the peak . …

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