Drilling out carbon mast

After building 3 systems based on Axis 19mm masts, I went ahead and bought a full Unifoil hyper foil with carbon 75cm mast.
I am assuming that the mast can be drilled out for our 6mm phase wires. Anybody with previous knowledge or good advice?

Not any single person who has done this and can give advice?

Have a nice carbon Uni 75cm mast sitting around now just asking to get drilled out good…
Bottom chord is so tiny though only 13mm, hope it’s not solid down there…

Maybe post a pic of the mast, there are different versions.

Ok, it came with a hyper 190 set, but I bought it used so it might be older.
Some pics. Even considering 3D printing front channel for the phase cables as I’m having doubts…

Straight from the manufacturer:

“That’s a foam core one built in South Africa. The core gets properly flattened towards the end. He can drill a hole in the base plate. He will have to drill about 60mm deep past a layer of carbon that holds the head together. Then he will hit an eps foam core which he should be able to slide a hot rod through. The rod wont damage the mast if he can get it all the way down.”

Just remember to take it slow if you do it…

I have used hot brass rods and shoved them through foam before. They work pretty well.

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You probably know sbdy who owns this type of iron somewhere …! then 2.5mm2 brass or copper electrical wire could do the job if rigid enough (twice the length)

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Not tested in this specific application but acetone melts eps pretty rapid(assuming the eps is not there for structural reasons, if so, this is not a good idea…)

It would work but with 6/7mm holes it won’t drain easily and might make a sticky guey mess. The foam isn’t structural.

yes, agree, acetone is like last option but probably still doable. It also depend on the EPS, sometimes its almost evaporates totally, but guess inside a mast it will be a mess probably…

Jereme, you actually asked them?
Sounds good! I’m just worried the eps is not 6.5mm at the bottom. Will use the hot-rod version.
How to tell old/new mast? Seems some spell unifoil on the full side. Mine do not.