Dutch Build, searching for BMS, Flipsky ESC and motor

Hi guys,

This is my first post. I started on my first build a couple weeks ago. Started designing the board, mast and wings. I have a composite laboratory available where I can build the board. So that will (hopefully) not be a big problem :smiley:. I do have some questions regarding the electrical setup.

I ordered the following:

  • Flipsky FSESC 200A 60V
  • Flipsky 65161 100KV/120KV 6000W motor
  • Alu prop for the motor

I want to build a battery pack myself. Based on what I’ve seen on the forum here it’s going to be a 12S12P Li-ion pack with a BMS. Using Samsung 30Q 18650 cells. I reckon that I want a BMS for safety. The problem is that I just can’t find a good/safe BMS. So does anyone have some recommendations for the BMS?


Nice. Another Dutch build. I will be following this thread.
About BMS. You are going to get some sh*t over you about this… (It did not stop me putting a BMS inside my 12S12P battery pack :slight_smile: )
I’m using an Ant BMS

Hi Kian,
I read your thread and saw that there was some controversy. Would you recommend the Ant BMS?

It is really up to you if you want to use a BMS. Some people like using it, and some not.

With a BMS you have less control as the BMS is doing everything for you. Things like balancing, temperature control and low voltage all in one.

Without a BMS you need to balance the cells externally during charging. Also as you are going to use a 12S you will need to split it into a 2 times 6S and use a 6S charger. After that you will need to connect the 2 6S cells in series to make it 12S again. (Or buy / find a cheap 12S charger)

Some time ago a user in this forum had a big fire in his car due to a bad? BMS. His car and everything in it was gone.

So. It is totally up to you. BMS or not.
Whatever you do, safety 1st.

And yes. I am using a cheap Chinese Ant BMS. Till now no problems…

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Hey Ruben.

Welcome to the forum. For the BMS just go for a Chinese smart BMS, with the phone app you can set all settings for the balancing and cutoff currents when needed. For my setup I just used the BMS for the charging and use the vesc voltage cutoff to stop when my battery gets empty. About building a battery I sell also sell old electric car battery’s and can hook you up with a 12s 25ah lion for a fraction of the 18650 cost and save some nights of work. Also these battery’s can deliver a lot more current.

Greetings kwinty from Amsterdam.