E Foil build from Surfboard F2 Air

Good Day to all,

First of all I would like to thank you all for your valid input to find in this forum. I enjoyed reading some expiriences and this brought me to my 1st result. I share some pictures and technical details. With the video can see the foil in real.

I am a foil wind and wingsurfer. The E-Foil was a winterjob last winter I will build more E-foils and will improve some technical details during coming winter.
E-Foiling brings to you to another horizon and is really amazing. You can go almost anyware without distrurbing nature or people!

Components: Motor Maytech 65162 - 120KV
Controller: Maytech MTSF300A-OPTO
Remote: Maytech MTSKR1905WF
Battery: 13S10P 48v 35ah battery, samsung 3500mah cell, 100A BMS
Front Foil: 72Cm Fuselage 74Cm Rear Wing 37 Mast 70cm
Board: Modified F2 Air (was 115L) now 85 Liter

Initially I started with a duct for the prop but found out that this was a power decrease of at least 30%. (As all surfers know, one piece of seagras is already enough to give you the impression if somebody pulled the handbrake.)
I foil on 60 to 70% of full capacity and reach between 45minutes and 1 hr.
My watercooling needs to get improved as I need to put wider tubes in my next project.
The volume of the board is more then enough once you pull the trigger and come to 5km/h of speed.

The battery box has been purchased external. the battery factory installed it for me.

f2 air 115L



First time I see this Ali Battery Box being used. How many cells (Series-Parallel) can you fit inside ?

There is a right issue on FB:


I found this box as the size was that what I was looking for. My battery factory put in the box cells. 13S10P 35Amps 100A bms.