E-foil / Foil Drive Hybrid

What’s up guys.

Here’s my current build. The goal with this is to be able to get the motor up out of the water to reduce drag so I can stay on foil with minimal pumping when riding low energy ocean swell downwinding. The battery range is 20 miles. So, if I foil with the motor out of the water half the time I should be able to get 40 miles.

I already had my DIY efoil board, so I wanted to do this build before building a DIY foil drive. The benefit to this build is it is super powerful. I can tow another foiler up onto foil. I think this might be helpful when downwinding with people still learning. If they can’t get started on their own I could tow them up.

This was the first time testing this setup and I struggled to keep the prop in the water, and I struggled to transition from power to pumping. But, I think it’s gonna work. I just have to get used to it.

Board DIY shaped by my friend
Battery DIY built by me
ESC Trampa 75/300 VESC
Maytech Remote
Flying Rodeo motor
Cedrus Mast
DIY adapter for Armstrong foils
Armstrong HA1325, 50F, V-tail



Good start! A good way to save battery weight and time and improve surfing glide reducing your efoil unit drag.

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