E-Foil Meeting 06.08.2023 Biblis Germany

Hi Folks, we organize an E-Foil Event in Germany this coming weekend.
This event is for (E)Foil-Fanatics, DIY, parts, discussions, props , fyling and testing.
In case you are arround, you´re more then welcome. If you´re interested just drop me a message.


Howdy, possible to Charge there?

Hi, for sure there is power. can not assure that they have the infrastructure for ton´s of chargers.
You better come loaded :wink:

Will there be 2023 Sifly boards to test ?

Hi, YES, SiFly will be present with some different Models and there will be SiFly Models to test.
Please drop a üersonal message so we can poper schedule.


There will also be a BREmote to test (both Original and Toto version) for everybody interested :yum:


Hi, we look forward, We got lots of postitive feedback. look forward to lots of Foilers to come :blush:
BTW the forecast is good for Wing Foilers too. All Welcome!

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So, any feedback ? The Diy boards, the Bremote…
The Sifly range: how does the 5000€ Rider-Eco behave wr to the other models ?

Hi, many people tried the Rider, which went well. As the complete ECO has not been released yet at this point.
Bassically is the Rider the same as the ECO Rider although the larger battery last longer (2,3KW vs 1,6KW)
The ECO Wing is made out of Aluminium instead of Carbon. which also make some difference.
The (Future) Motor of the ECO has 1000Watt less then the Rider today.

Although the weather wasn´t so ideal last Sunday (Nor rain but heavy winds) it was a nice meeting.
Therefore we planned with the “Surf Schule Biblis” to organzie another E-Foil meeting on Sunday the 17th of September 2023.
Here we will make sure to have the SiFly Rider ECO to test.

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While the weather was not perfect (bit rainy and >20km/h wind), a real eFoiler cannot be deterred by that :wink: Actually facing the wind was a nice challenge in itself, and on the way back with the wind you could almost drive without power (your body was the sail :stuck_out_tongue: )

I really liked the location. Parking was easily accesible, there is a restaurant, changing room, toilets, all in close proximity to the water. And the people there were all amazing as well! Looking forward to September.

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THX for your comments Ludwig! see you in a coupe of weeks!

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Hi All,

here some impressions from last Sundays event.

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Hi Folks,

a new (E)Foil event is coming. Hoping for some good weather this time.
On Sunday September the 17th 2023, there will be another (E)Foil come together.
For those who want to come one day before, there are Camping facilities just 100 Meters from the water. Just drop me a mail.

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Hi Folks, here a quick impression from our Foil meeting last weekend.
I a couple of days we will announce the date and location of our “Season-End”



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Nice to see SiFly getting involved with the community!

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