E-foil surf build

The build I like to work on should fly for me and I am totally new to foiling so in need some guideline from skilled users to create a design for beginner.
Requirements for me _ are sort of easy foiling on the quiet lake maybe with small waves from a wind.
I like to get some nice speed with long curves and nice time for cruising.

I like to build and elegant and functional design that will fit my needs.
I like to make it from custom made board and foils out of carbon fibers.

My initial 3D model of boar is following the dimension as on the images
So my question is , is the board enough big or is too big ?
My person weight is 85kg
Board max length 1736mm
Board max width 703mm
Board max thickness 123mm
Board volume 104liters

you think you know me ô :rofl: if you have another smart comment keep it for you :slight_smile:

Board is too big. You’ll get tired of such a big board very quickly!
Go for something closer to 1500mm X 650mm and thickness of 110mm.
I ride a 150cm X 60 X 8cm and am 90kg and love it.

thx, you got a foam core ?

Yeah it has a foam core.