E-FOIL Surfboards made in china video

Video test: electric foil surfboards newest 20180608 Lisa.mp4 - Google Drive

WOW magic +++ how can that lift at that speed ? please show wing & top speed. :slight_smile:

@Lisa, things are getting serious.
As I cannot access to the video you posted (invalid parameters), here is your Boss YouTube channel

What’s the volume/dimensions of the waterproof battery case ?
HiSun board from Epoch-power

Can you share the 3D CAD data please @Lisa ? I like to build :smile:

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Du you sell the boards separate?

I emailed them still no asnwer

Here: Efoil03 - JINHUA HISUN Sport factory
they declare:
6. Voltage: 36v
7. High-efficiency electric motor: 1800 W
8. Rotation rate: 5000 rmp

it seems impossible to me.

Yeah those are some wild claims. No ways will that motor hit 45kph!

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Did anyone ever get more info on this Hisun board? Seems like every place that sells it lists different specs and I’m skeptical about the speed claims too. The German site that’s selling it claims 33 kph top speed.

Also, the controller appears to use + and - buttons for throttle instead of a trigger. I wonder if it would be possible to connect a better controller? A trigger throttle seems much safer than any kind of physical killswitch.