e-Surfboard battery


I want to buid my own DIY e-surfboards. Currently I am looking for a suitable battery. As I want to use a battery of good quality, I was interested in the following point: What batteries Lampuga, Jetsurf, Radinn,… are using? These will be definitly of good quality.
Does someone of you know from which producer the e-surfboard manufacturer (e.g. Lampuga, Radinn, Jetsurf,…) get their batteries? The only thing I know is that Onean uses Samsung batteries.
Thank you in advance


You can’t really go wrong with well known brands like Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, LG etc. However, I suggest that you buy from a reputable source because there are a lot of fake cells out there on eBay, aliexpress, etc.

Once you source the cells (i.e.: 150 single 18650 batteries), you’d still need to assemble them together to build your battery pack.

Thank you for your quick respone