E-takuma remote

Hi there,

My brother just ordered a complete E-takuma.
He was so kind to order an additional remote control for me.
As I am still using my condom-style skateboard remote, I really hope that I can somehow bind this takuma remote(manufacturer is BB-talkin) to my Flier ESC

Is anyone familiar with this remote? Its hard to find any info. It looks like the receiver is integrated on the esc… (TAKUMA E-FOIL USER MANUAL Pdf Download | ManualsLib)
Does anyone know where I can find a receiver that should work with this remote?
My knowledge of transmitters and receivers is about 0. I hope someone can advise me and if its worth the effort to look for a receiver from another brand. (I dont expect BB-talking/Takuma to be very helpful in this matter).


Looks like (a long) retro engineering session.
It might probably useful to know the BlueTooth chip, …

@Samisin, what investigation do you suggest to start with ?
Did your search with the LIFT remote controller turn up ?

LIFT remote isa based on nrf52832. Would be very easy to hack it to use with another cheap nrf52832 or nrf52840 board like this one
I have no idea about Takuma hardware until I see the inside. Ask the first I bet the receiver is separate board inside the ESC. they might be nice enough to sell the receiver separately

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