Easy simple cheap austere rugged Russian build

I’ve had the same thoughts about the 65161 motor. Heavy and seems to be more power than necessary for me. There may be some good in running the motor well below its limits.
On my next build I am thinking of trying a smaller 65121 motor. The small outrunners can also work, but I’ve read they can be noisier and one feature I love with eFoil is how quiet it can be when the wind is at your back cruising over the water

Yes the 65121 looks good almost half the weight. With the 65161 I am usually running at 20% throttle around a 1000 watts on the foil so the the 121 would be plenty for foiling maybe a bit longer to start. The reduce weight would be nice.

Just note that 65121 seems to be on the limit for torque, judging by the builds i’ve seen here.

Either smaller prop/higher speed, low weight rider or a low drag board seems to be needed for guaranteed takeoff.

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Once you are up the numbers are pretty negligible. Its the acceleration and take off power requirement that is important. Then another factors to consider is also how aggressively someone rides. During hard carves you can use a lot of power.

I would rather have the big 161 and operate in mid power range instead of pushing a small motor to it’s limit. Im 100kg

It also depends on the board size and the foil of your setup. Small boards and small wings need more power to get you on the foil. weather conditions also have an influence on the power you need. It is harder to launch in choppy water than on a flat surface. Board size is probably the biggest factor. As a reference, with my 100l 160cm inflatable and a 63100 motor I can takeoff in almost all conditions apart from choppy waves > 0.5m.

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Final prices of the build:

  • Motor Flipsky 65161 120KV, Round shaft with thread - $200.00 + $30 shipping from Ebay

  • VESC Flipsky 75200 water cooled - $90 from China

  • Remote Flipsky VX3 - $73 from Amazon

  • Propeller Fliteboard - $25 + $10 shipping from Electricsurf

  • Batteries 60V 32Ah - $300 from Facebook

  • Foil Naish MA 1600 - $475 from Facebook

  • Board Inflatable AZTRON FALCON AIR X - $290 + $60 shipping from OutdoorXL

  • Wires, connectors, waterproof cases, etc… - ~$30

Total: $1583