Eboard - Efoil swappable

Hi there guys coming to you from New Zealand,
I recently finished my build on an electric longboard and have been dreaming of an Efoil of my own for awhile. So, being a student I have begun to conceptualize ways I can have both cheaply and, effectively. It looks as though, the 10s battery and, VESC I have currently installed on my Eboard would work well - and therefore, I plan to create a swap-able system wherein the batteries and VESC can be easily switched between the two. I will be going to uni next year, and will have access to a million dollar metal sls 3d printer among other things. - therefore, this thread will be updated as I go along with my build. I also wanted to ask if a 190kv Eboard motor at 2500watts peak - Electric Skateboard Motor 6355 190KV – DIY Electric Skateboard , would work on an Efoil just in terms of power output with the correct gearing ratio (I understand the cooling problems with an out runner)- sadly from the research i’ve been doing it looks like it wont be powerful enough, therefore, what kinda power output should I be looking for?
Also, would love to hear from anyone working towards a similar goal :slight_smile: .

Big thanks to pacificmeister for everything in regards to the Efoil community.

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Hi @Efoilyn, it depends on your board and foil. I am trying with less power using a low drag board and foil (test is planed to be in December), others report that more power is needed.

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Thank you very much for sharing your measurements. Those are very helpful, I like your approach.:smiley:
According to your measurements the mechanical power for 25km/h on the SUP board is only around 1,7kW. (Drag Force of 25kg@25km/h)
Why is it that most builders here on the forum think that in excess of 4kw is necessary?
Thanks in advance if you can help my find my error here.

I have been trying to motorize my old alpha 105L slalom board and would be very interested thanks Peter

Great minds…I had the exact same thought but wanted to use their $135 and 3900 watts model and as my real goal in joining the site was figuring my windsurfer woud need about the same power to take off but would need to sustain that power for the entire ride
(maybe use x to get onto a plane and x/2 or x/3 to keep planing at V (most efficient planing but not max power) and x power for full 30 km/h full speed (kinda like on a boat!)