Efficiency and torque - 65161 vs 6384

I’m using a 65161 and it’s working well, but it’s heavy and I wonder how well it will remain waterproof in the long term. The 6384 is listed with a similar 9nm of torque. It’s much cheaper and lighter than the 65161, and the weight savings would allow a bigger battery pack. I’m only using 600-700w cruise and around 1.5-2kw to start on my tow boogie, and I’m not after high speed at all.

Has anyone tested the thrust and power consumption on the 6384 compared to the 65161?

It’s a bit tricky to compare because they need different prop mounting, and you can’t use a standard manta or fr prop on the outrunner.

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I think the APS 6384 100 kV motor (https://alienpowersystem.com/shop/brushless-motors/63mm/aps-6384n-powerglider-outrunner-brushless-motor-100kv-4000w/) is capable of replacing the 65161 motor. The motor is therefore suitable for your needs, for Foil Drive Assist, for a motorized paddle, for e-sup drive, etc. (but only exceptionally for e-foil). However, it must be properly impregnated, the bearings must be replaced, … and the correct propeller must be connected to it.

Hi: I am exploring options for a Foil Drive ish e-assist option … effectively a half power efoil. The 66112 motor seemed to be a good option. It is twice as heavy as 6374/6384, but half the weight of full size efoil motor, and it has a threaded shaft. However, a negative is the wires come out the wrong side…reviews on here were negative for that.

I ordered one in summer but it was sold out. Seems to be discontinued? Today I see one aliexpress store that says they have it.

Flipsky Brushless DC 66112 Motor IP68 Waterproof 130KV

In order to consider the selected motor (for any propulsion) as a good choice, the following condition must be met: a tested propeller (a propeller that has been tested many times on the same type of motor) must be available. If such a propeller is not available, there is too great a risk that a suitable propeller will not be available even in a few years.

I use a modified 63100 and it works great. It weights a bit over a kilo. There are different suitable props available (3d printed). I run it with a flite prop, works really well. With the 1600cm2 RL wing I get down to 60Wh/km if I stay around 25km/h, I think with shimming the back wing it should be possible to bring it even further down. So I would say its efficient and torque is also ok, as it is a 140kv motor and the flite prop has quite some pitch (Must be around 7-7.5“)

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6384 120kv I have never had any problems with this little engine. allow me to run at 25 km / h with 12s and 140mm propeller. my weight is 67kg


Thanks for the practical information on the 6384 120 kV motor (probably APS). From this it is logical to deduce that the impregnated APS 6384 100 kV motor is absolutely ideal for foil drive assist, e-sup drive, motorized paddle etc - low cost, easy impregnation of a disassembled motor, easy availability of several prop modifications (three-bladed, two-bladed, folding), easy to obtain stainless/ceramic bearings, stainless shaft and stainless screws.