Efoil 2024 build

Flite pro carbon, gong curve xl on 85cm, flipsky 65161/75200, flite prop.

With a 12s6p pack of 800wh that weight is less than the flite by 1.5lbs. I am happy now to ride!


Looks nice! Have you taken it out yet or waiting for warmer conditions?
Also, did you dismantle the robot battery pack to make a 12S6P pack?

Just had it out 1st time today. The curve xl 1400cm2 is really amazing compared to the core 1250 I learned on. Pops up on foil much earlier stability easily as good. Also went from 71 to 85cm V2 gong mast. That was a good move as I could really crank turns without touching.
I did not use the robot batteries for this 12s6p. Previous build using samsung 30q and I wanted to try that 1st before I try the 10s pack. I was able to get on foil really easy today so its the wing not the power. I have also the gong curve xxl 1600 will test tomorrow.

Today I could see on the vx3 remote 25kmh was 22amps which is better than I could do before. Will be interesting to see what the bigger wing does.

All in happy camper!

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