Efoil and esurf manufacturer

:grin: Unisex Water Surfing Equipment Full Carbon Fiber Material
:trophy: High quality power efoil surfboard
:1st_place_medal: Surfboards professionally used by athletes
:office: We are a company specializing in the production of outdoor sports -----OEM/ODM Such as:paddle board,efoil surfboard,electric surfboard,gas surfboard.
IF you are interested in us,please contact me.PLS PIck it
www.alibaba.com/efoil surfboard
www.alibaba.com/electric surfboard
www.alibaba.com/gas surfboard
www.alibaba.com/paddle board

Looks ok… but if you add tax and customs you end up at 6000€ with no liability in the end… so for this price better buy an establised brand made in Europe… such as e-takuma or sifly.global with full warranty and local support. In the end this is much cheaper :sweat_smile:

Hey James, I think there is no need to create a new thread every week with new pictures which makes potential customers a bit nervous so counter productive. It’s ok if you post pictures in the same thread.

Thank you command,You don’t have to worry about our products being insecure, our products are guaranteed for one year and can be replaced for free within one year.And our price did not reach 6000€, about 4000 or so

Sorry.thanks for your reminder.

Well if one buys your product from china for 4000€, in the and with customs, shipping&taxes it ends up to be about 6000€. And the warranty in China is tricky…most of the DIY users here know already… You might not be aware of this so far…but thats the case :sweat_smile:

Please don’t make malicious comments, don’t talk nonsense without proof of purchase, thank you