Efoil board-only CAD


Im looking to find anyone with a working CAD model of any board with the single hatch design with the GEM compression latches. I am on my 3rd board, im tired of foam cutting and I want to get this CNC’d. I use solidworks from work, I am just seeing whats out there before I go through the pain of relearning CAD well enough to start from scratch. Similar to what @Flightjunkie has done with creating a SUP that looks very similar to the Lift foil design.

The dimensions dont really matter if I can edit the model, preferably about 5 ft long, 2 ft wide, 5.5 inches deep. half inch for the bottom for mast rail and other inserts.

I just really do not want to put in the work… year 3 of trying to skim by on building with out much planning, trying to actually build the board right now.

Here you can choose a shape and have it CNC’ed by atuacores.com
If you are familiar with solidworks, you could copy theses designs and create your own board…

Here is their G style then S style…


Thanks, Im mostly looking for battery compartment cad, I have a rough board design just dont feelt like doing the work…