Efoil Board - Slingshot Air Strike 7'8"

I’m going to start my efoil build soon and I will need an adequate board and foil setup. I found a great deal locally on a Slingshot Air Strike 7’8" board w/ the Slingshot Infinity 84cm foil. I can also use this setup for foil surfing and downwinders (without an efoil), so my thought is I can have one board that ‘does it all’.

Would this be a good board for an efoil? I weigh 175. Can you foresee any issues drilling through the board so that I can run the cables from the mast up through to the top of the board where my electronics and battery box will be?

Here’s a link to the board: https://www.slingshotsports.com/Air-Strike-SUP-Foil-Board

I am using the Slingshot Sky Walker which is very similar. I can tell you that the board seems to be made of 2-lb foam but near the mast box and running down the board it also has two “stringers” made of a harder foam, probably 8-lb core. So when you cut out the top layer of fiberglass you will encounter this foam and it’ll be next to impossible to get the first layer of fiberglass since it’s bonded to the foam. If you can get beyond that then you’re pretty much home free. Then lay your electronics out and then use liquid 8-lb foam to rebuild an interior. I used a PVC pipe to make a hole from the bottom of the board to the cavity I dug out. Worked pretty well. Good luck!

I was also thinking about the Air Strike or even image https://www.slingshotsports.com/Wizard-150-Foil-Board but does the tuttle box being so far back , it might change foot placement to be so close to the edge.

Hello Seattle -Wind. My name is Chris and I am from Vancouver BC Canada. I am about to retire my first build. It is a 6 foot Alex Aguera Kite race board. It has two hatches, one for the ESC and capacitor bank and one hatch for Lipo batteries. Slingshot Infinity 84 wing and custom wound Neumotors 2230 1Y motor with 6.7:1 HD gearbox. This has been a really reliable efoil and my wife and I have had so much fun with it but I prefer a much smaller board for tight turns and performance. The battery hatch has screws to secure the carbon fibre lid and fits 4x10000 lips batteries. I also have a 6 foot North kite race board which needs finishing. Let me know if you are interested. You can always come here and pick it up if you are in the Seattle area. Cheers.

Forgot to mention I would consider selling it. Not sure what the price would be.

Thanks for the replies and info on the Slingshot board!

Bufadore, I sent you a PM about your build.