Efoil build Croatia

Hi all,
after some reasearch I have decided to build an efoil.

First i have made templates for hot wire cutting. After that hand shaping.
When joining foam blocks I’ve used too many pu glue and had a problem with wire cutting the bottom. It stopped on the spot and made a big hole that i had to deal with later.
Fairing is done with microbaloons and epoxy

The board is 152 x 60 x 12,5 cm, still only in foam.


The plan is to put 2 layers of CF top and bottom. As the sides will overlap there will be 4 layers on the sides.

I’ll go with 160 and 200 g/m2 CF.

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The foil is RL boards.
I’m impressed with the quality.


Which RL wing is it?

Front wing is 1150.
You have to see it to appreciate how well it’s made.

Other parts are according to front wing.

Yes thats really nice quality;-)

Rene, what do you call your new stab? This one looks good! My all time favourite is still your 1150 and fuse, but with fliteboard stab.
Also your mastfoot needs to be redesigned for better mast support. 15mm is not enought for heavy guys…

We are not RENE… But the efoil wings of rlboards work very well…
The new inflatable efoil volt-efoil is now hitting the market…You can test it with us soon.

Hey Elevate
could you share some info on the volt efoil remote? Maybe new topic?

It`s short of release and will be available soon… further information soon in June;-)