Efoil build Croatia

Hi all,
after some reasearch I have decided to build an efoil.

First i have made templates for hot wire cutting. After that hand shaping.
When joining foam blocks I’ve used too many pu glue and had a problem with wire cutting the bottom. It stopped on the spot and made a big hole that i had to deal with later.
Fairing is done with microbaloons and epoxy

The board is 152 x 60 x 12,5 cm, still only in foam.


The plan is to put 2 layers of CF top and bottom. As the sides will overlap there will be 4 layers on the sides.

I’ll go with 160 and 200 g/m2 CF.

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The foil is RL boards.
I’m impressed with the quality.


Which RL wing is it?

Front wing is 1150.
You have to see it to appreciate how well it’s made.

Other parts are according to front wing.

Yes thats really nice quality;-)

Rene, what do you call your new stab? This one looks good! My all time favourite is still your 1150 and fuse, but with fliteboard stab.
Also your mastfoot needs to be redesigned for better mast support. 15mm is not enought for heavy guys…

We are not RENE… But the efoil wings of rlboards work very well…
The new inflatable efoil volt-efoil is now hitting the market…You can test it with us soon.

Hey Elevate
could you share some info on the volt efoil remote? Maybe new topic?

It`s short of release and will be available soon… further information soon in June;-)

Hello Mislav !

I need your experience. How does your rail boxes hold the forces ? I’m planning to fiberglass thoses aluminium bars in my board but i’m worried about the resistance. The worst scenario would be for them to come off the board and rip all the fiberglass above off of them…

What do you think ?
I hesitate to put a metal plate over the board and screw it with the bars.

Tbh i didn’t try it yet on the water.

I’ve put 8 layers of cf over the railboxes. I’m confident it will hold.

I don’t think you need to put metal plate. Just put more layers of glass fibers or cf on the part of the rail that is used to attach the mast plate.

In my mind most forces are on the mast plate. It transfers that force on the surface of the board it touches.

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I have managed to make a functional efoil.

Here are some pics of the progress.

This is the board after laminating and vacuuming, not great looking, would be better without vacuuming.

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This is the box for the VESC (Firduo HI 200).

I’ve put one cooling block underneath the VESC aluminum housing. Thermal paste between cooling block and housing.

Mast with the SLS printed motor holder.
After printing the SLS is filled with choped CF and epoxy.

Cooling is on the nose of the cone.

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Battery build Samsung 30Q 14S14P and BMS 300A

The box is made of balsa wood laminated with glass. Black is only the pigment.

The upper minus outlet is BMS bypassed. If I noticed that BMS causes trouble I would just use this connection.

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Decided to put the receiver and metr box on the front, not to be affected by carbon fiber all around in the box.

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Pouring the seal.
Decided to put the seal on the bottom and arround the hatch lid.

I’ve made temporary fences that were held by the clay (white). Contact of the fences and box was temporary sealed with plasticine.
On the top of the fences i’ve also put plastecine so that it made impossible for the silicone to run over the fence.


PVA foam in place!

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Finally, the first ride