Efoil Build from Philippines

Here’s the box I made for my electronic parts. Slow build but hopefully to finish smooth and working. What can you say? :blush:

Do I need another check valve for the inlet of the pump? Thanks


Nice work. 3D printed box ? What esc connector is that ?

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Yes. And reinforced with fiberglass inside. 2 connectors on the left for power, 2 out and inlet for water cooling on the right and the big connector for 3 pins from motor to esc :slight_smile:

What is the name of the 3 pin plug ?

Got it from Alibaba. MJ32 from Jnicon with 2pins

Then I designed the plastic holder from 2 pin to 3pin folder. They have more options but this is the perfect size for me.


Here are some of the updated photos of my project. Took a long time for me to post again. I am currently making and searching for the most efficient and cost effective parts for the battery. Need some advice. Thanks in advance.


Is it necessary to use the antenna of the receiver and placing it inside the nose the board? Because I think radio frequency does not work when submerged under water. And the nose of the board is above the water most of the time. Hope to get some feedbacks. Thanks

Yes it is necessary, for the size of your board. And try to put fiberglas over antenna ending, instead of carbon fiber.

Thanks for the advice @Nace_Erznoznik . I might test the antenna first outside the board then I’ll find a way to install it inside without making much damage to the board. This is the antenna included by the way.