Efoil Cart or Stand

Has anyone made an efoil cart that makes its easy to set up board on and then transport your efoil from the car to the water or even made some kind of stand so when your coming in from riding on lake and want to beach it but don’t want to scratch the board pulling it up on land?

I use this:

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I use a simple garden cart. Holds the batteries and beer.

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then carry it into the water. Only weighs 40 lbs.


All electric of course;)



Hello wingoway, I build one with stainless steel and the 3d printer.
With 2 bolts and nuts you can disassembled.
And with one of them you can adjust the size.
I used this cart to put the board into the beach and when the board fleet I remove the cart.


I made this for my last board. Front wheel and rear wheels are connected via a nylon band. Very easy to store since it takes up little space.

Push it like a stroller using the stab.

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I use a cheap wheeled carrier for a kayak for getting the board around. Could need some improvement, things missing are a small handle on the front of my board and a bike attachment point.

This cart is awesome. Can you build me 3 of them? Let me know of the cost. I’m in Florida.

Please email me yobowman1976@yahoo.com

i use a kayak dolly and i will post a photo next time i load up my efoil. assuming it doenst burst into flames before i take it out again yeew waydoo :rofl:

Hello Johann, I’m from Spain, I thing the shipping costs is more than the cart, may be is better go to workshop that works with stainless steel and question about build something like this.
I’m sorry :pensive:

can you send me a link for the wheels that you purchased

Hello Johann,
My wheels are from old machine, but I found it in several supplayers.

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It’s easy to found it. You can write “kayak wheel 260x85” in Google and appears lots of supplies.