Efoil DIY for sale

Hi all,

I am working on a new efoil project so I am seling my diy efoil. It is fully functional with 45min of ride time. Depending on our weight. 35AH Lithium Ion battery.


I will ship it to you.


What is your price. And where from?

Hi I am asking $3999 and shipping. I am in Portland, OR, USA

Can’t see the battery very well, can you post more details about it? Would a larger battery fit? And are you including a charger?

Looks like a Flying Rodeo motor?

What brand is the mast?

Yes I will post more on the battery, the current battery is 35AH, you can fit a larger one. Charger is included. The motor and mast is Flying Rodeo.

Something looks off about the second photo, I can’t tell if the mast is bent or if it’s just the perspective making it look that way.

Was the mast bent at any point?

Haha, yes it must be the photo. The mast is brand new. It is not bent.

That is a fair price. If i see how much I had and all the costs of trial and error. I better just buy your complete board. Shipping to the Netherlands is a problem I think

Hey guys, I have an extra new FR motor(never used). I will ship anywhere in the united states.

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