Efoil drive PM setup incl Gong mast for sale

For Sale; my 2020 geared setup. Had lots of fun with this build and ride but I have switched to a direct drive setup.

See pictures, what you see is what you get. Functional drive, attached to 65cm Gong mast including mounting plate. Last ride was oktober 2020, has been stored since then.

Motor SSS56104 500KV
Gear 5:1 Hongjun, Modified with INA needle bearings supplier
CAD design based on Pacificmeister, own modifications, printed in pet-g
Motor and gearbox flanges are solid aluminium.
Gearbox is thermally coupled (copper fins) to the outside tube for sufficient cooling.
propshaft 8mm
Duct suited for PM 3 blade prop
Gong mast 65cm + plate.
Including STL files for printing replacement parts when needed.

Based in the Netherlands, shipping and risk for buyer.
Price 250EUR or good offer.


Hi, is your mast/propulsion unit still for sale ? Would be interrested !

Thanks and regards

Yeah, it is available. Are you situated in Europe?

Yes. In EU / Slovenia.

PM send

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This is Sold sold sold

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