Efoil efficiency

Hi guys, I run two efoils for more than 1000km already but I did never measure the efficiency. Yesterday I did a test with 2 different props and 2 different foils.

The best result that I got:

Efficiency: 52Wh/km
Average speed: 20km/h
Rider + board weight: 95kg
Foil: Cabrinha high rise speed
Motor: flipsky 120kv
Prop: 7 1/4 x 5 turned down to 145mm
Esc: swordfish X300A
Battery: 14s

Would be nice if more people can share there results. Efficiency in Wh/km please.


Very interesting to share this data, how did you measure the used energy? Vesc data or data from the charger when charging the pack back up to 4.2V/cell.

I’m way up to about 120wh/km with a PM setup with a chinesium PLE040 gearbox and a 3d-printed high pitch prop 130mm. Foil; Gong M, combined weight 110kg. Speed around 25km/h. The gearbox is running hot, I’m suspecting this to be the limiting factor in my range.

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I’ve done about 200km this summer with my setup, I can only come down to 80Wh/km with avg spd 20km/h. Guess it’s mostly due to weight and fondness of beer…
Rider & 200L board: 135kg
Foil: RLboard 2020 Efoil
Motor: Flipsky 100kv
Prop: FR 6"
Esc: Trampa 75/300
Battery: 14s

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I use this one for measuring:

€ 16,89 24%OFF | DC300V 100A 200A 400A Hall Effect Coulombmeter Digitale Voltmeter Amperemeter Sensor-831F

The idea is good, but it is hard to estimate Wh/km without a log.

23kmh? average 49Wh/km
(True average is more 22-25kmh, cause Log has a long time without movement)

12s 63100 My 156mm Prop
“Old” RL foil
97kg Rider & Board


I measure distance with gps and Wh with my current meter. Looks good to me, I did a 10km test and 1km test, same result. 52Wh and 520Wh exactly.

More results are welcome. I am intrested in de FR prop with flipsky motor also. See if it makes any difference with the prop that I have right now.

I will test my geared setups also, but I think the flipsky is the winner.

The best result that I got:

The first ride
Efficiency: 45 Wh/km
Average speed: 20,5km/h

The second ride was
Efficiency: 47.5 Wh/km
Average speed: 18,4km/h

Board setup
Rider + board weight: 28 + 75kg
Foil: Gong Allvator L
Motor: flipsky 120kv
Prop: 7 1/4 x 5
Esc: Flipsky Vesc 200A
Battery: 12s 25Ah VW pack

These are very calm rides. If I just have some fun and don’t pay attention to the battery I’m usually around 60/70Wh/km

ReinK I think we are using the same prop. But mine isn’t turned down did you notice a lot of difference in performance? In my current setup, I note that the motor current is always double the battery current this would mean that the prop is keeping the motor from reaching its designed speed. Do you have any idea what your motor and battery currents are?

If I run it with a normal not cutted prop I got way more vibration and less efficiency. My motor will run hot very quickly. Also top speed is higher with my cutted prop. I would suggest you to try it to. It is easy to do by hand with a grinder, file and some sanding.


Do you have a template you use or just cut down to a certain diameter and balance?

I just cut a profile that i like and make the trailing edge very thin.

How does that Liquid force foil perform under power?
Do you like it more or less than the Cabrinha one you mentioned at the start of the thread?

update last ride
Efficiency: 41 Wh/km
Average speed: 20km/h

Board setup
Rider + board weight: 30 + 75kg
Foil: Gong Allvator velloce XL
Motor: flipsky 120kv
Prop: custom
Esc: Flipsky Vesc 200A
Battery: 12s 60Ah Hyundai E60B cells


I always used to think power & consumption in Watts and Amps, struggle to think in Wh/km :smiley: so 41 Wh/km at Average speed: 20km/h would be equal to a average power of of 820 Watts, incredibly low number must say!

Some NEW life in a old topic.

Not the most efficient ride ever but one of the longest. Judging by the battery there should still be 500Wh left :grimacing:


That is a new distance record for roundtrip on dyi as far as i know. Also impressive efficiency

3 hours ridetime with avarege 22Km/h. Should be something in the 60Km range distance, or how should that be interpreted?

I think the app is not taking stops in consideration for the average speed. But is counting the time as trip time.

I estimate that i could get to a maximum of 45km with this Efficiency.

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That’s pretty good, what’s your current setup and wing ?