Efoil for rent in Switzerland

Hello, I would like to get 3-4 prototypes that work for renting in Lausanne.

My idea is first to make engemeering school student test it in order we growth the comunity. Here we have people that can help in materials, calculations, electronics, foil optimization and there is a lot of sponsors they cam get.

Who can do that ? Obvius we pay for the efoils.

Hello Martin,
I live close by and you can contact me if you want

Me too. I live in Bulle near lausanne. You can contact me if you want

our factory can making it. if you want e-foil surfboards soon, our production time is about 20 days.

Contact info: Skype:sales01epoch-power
Personal facebook : Lisa Lu

Together, we make it better. :slight_smile:

email has already send to you. please check. --Lisa

Ok, can you supply me ?


Have you Skype or Facebook we can talk more details.

I don’t want to play the bad guy… however…
Lending (for no money) a couple of eFoils to brainy students is easy. They can think, predict, react, …etc.
Renting is another story because the legal consequences of an accident would be a disaster for you and your family.
Receiving money in return of a service is another story.You are bound to succeed and the people who have rented must go back home safe.
If you rent something and an accident occurs with a device that has not been certified (CE for example even if Switzerland is not in EEC) you will be in big trouble. You have to see what happened with chinese eBikes in case of accident or fire. They have to be certified first in a national (US) or european laboratory to decrease/master the risk (propeller, battery, etc)
So this sport is too young for a renting practice. Even if there are a lot of expectations from the general public with a huge potential market, the schools need to wait a few months and step back.

The only mature device today that could be proposed for renting is the LIFT eFoil. The problem is that it is so young that it hasn’t been certified yet. It is just a question of money and time. Q4 2018 probably.
Today, (July 2018) the renter of a lift eFoil in a developed country that would be responsible for a cut, burn or lost finger or toe would face massive legal issues. Imagine what that risk is with a immature month-old chinese product !

The Lift eFoil thread - info for the DIYer - #6 by SoEFoil - Products - FOIL.zone

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Indeed, let’s not get efoils banned. it’s more than achievable to make safety systems that minimise risk of injury to an acceptable level for CE and similar regulations.


Hello Martin,
In Switzerland efoiling is banned, there are some talk to authorize add-on motor for kayaks and SUP but they will need to be CE certified. I hope that efoil will be included but I don’t have much hope.
Maybe we should create an association to help our cause? A worldwide association would have more weight, anyone with experience?

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IMHO, managing a fleet of 3 to 4 eSurfs with impeller would be a safer and learningful transition . The problems of fleet management without the risks of eFoil injury.

In the swiss law says, amything that is not baned is allowed.

From another part, in Switzerland you can kill yourself assisted by an association and another thing is that there exist disclaimers in the location and insurance compagnies.

So do not worry I m in nautical renting business since 7 years.


Hello Martin, I would love to be wrong, do you have some info?

I’m not sure people renting boats ever felt on their propeller like that…

New practice, new risks.

May I suggest you contact these people here: https://jetboardlimited.com/
They are professionals of the jetSurf market in Europe but know a lot regarding regulations, certifications, etc…

And if you decide to buy an eFoil, it will be better for you if your investment has chances to be certified one day. The Easygoat eFoil from Cabratec is being mass produced (3 months lead time). The company isn’t far from Switzerland (Pilsen, Czech Republic) and Mira the owner/designer wants to develop his range for 2019.

Martin, we will be completing our commercial grade jet surfboard and jet efoil combo board setup in a 2-3 weeks. Its designed for fun/easy learning and built to take a beating from renters. Check out our most recent update here.

Hello Clarin,

With a friend we are creating an efoiler in Fribourg.
How can we contact you ?

Thank you!

July 2018, Vefoil was saying his efoil would be ready in “2-3 weeks”… When I think about the number of people (like me) who paid for his crowdfunding initial project…

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All you got was your name on a concept board which is now part of his garage sale. Too bad he was spending his energy on a patent when he should have been focusing on delivering his promises to his investors.
I highly doubt VeFoil will deliver any efoils anytime soon given the huge task of engineering a working jet drive. People who backed this should be pissed off.

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