eFoil in Tampa/St.Pete Fl

Hey guys! I’ve been thoroughly enjoyed this forum and learned so much new stuff over the past 2ish years and I really want to build an efoil for myself. I’ve come up with what I think is a pretty cool design, it’s just an expensive project and I can’t justify making the plunge when I only live by the nice water during the summer (I go to college in Lakeland, Fl).

Anyways, I wanted to go out on a limb and see if there is anybody that lives in the Tampa Bay area that would be down to let my try out or even let my borrow their efoil for a weekend. I am flying myself down to Key West for a day and would love to try efoiling down there!! Also with the red tide, I honestly don’t want to be in the water around where I live.
I would totally compensate anyone for letting me try it out. I am working on becoming a commercial pilot for a career and would love to take anybody up in a plane for a tour as a “thank you” around the Skyway bridge, Fort Desoto, the gulf coast beaches, downtown St. Pete etc.

When I reached out to the rental places they charge an exorbitant amount of money just for one battery charge and I could never spend that much money, especially when I could use it to put towards building one myself.

I don’t typically post on forums so I hope that didn’t come off weird lol. :smile:

What up Lucas? I am one of the co-creators/admin of efoil.builders and I live in Tampa. I have both a DIY efoil that I built and a production board. I went efoiling yesterday in the bay, red tide sucks but you just have to know where to go and where to avoid (mostly St Pete/Bradenton area).

Not sure I can loan you an efoil cause that’s a huge commitment for anyone! But start coming around and we’ll see what happens. Maybe the solution is flying both of my efoils down to KW and we ride together. Also, if you haven’t ridden an efoil before you definitely want to get it down before going to a place like KW (so shallow there).

Hey Guys, Jak here, just getting to this project and live in Palm Harbor and work in St Pete! Google “@ecstpete” – and you can text me at my gym if you plan do do a build-day!