eFoil in the News - Stanley Cup parade

So recently the Tampa Bay Lightning won the Stanley Cup! In true Florida fashion, we decided to have a boat parade to celebrate their win. I thought maybe, just maybe, I could play a part in the boat parade by riding on my efoil! It turned out to be a huge success, check out the videos below!

Also: I would like to warn that riding in such proximity of boats is dangerous! I’ve been riding for many years and took a lot of precautions to make sure I wasn’t putting myself in harms way. Luckily all the boat traffic was moving in one direction and I had tons of coast guard and police boats all around me monitoring me. The boat turbulence was quite intense so I couldn’t have done it without the wing I had used that day. I would advise nobody be a copycat unless you know the risks.

(took this from my efoil)

Go Bolts! :zap:


That’s so cool haha! Did you touch the cup lol? Also, what wing were you using to foil at such slow speed?

I did touch the cup but not in video #2. As I was motoring up to the boat with Steven Stamkos and teammates I had an opportunity to touch the cup but he saw me last minute and tried to reach out and high five me so it threw me off so I tried to high five back and well, I got nothing! But later that evening the cup showed up at a bar I was at and I got to touch it as Alex Killorn walked by with it.

And the wing I used was an AXIS S-Series 920mm front wing.

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So badass!
The cops didn’t give you any problems for weaving through the boats like that?
What mast and rear wing were you riding with the 920mm front?

Most of them know me from flying around downtown all the time. They’ve been super cool with me. My efoil is registered but I haven’t put my sticker/registration number on and they’ve never even pulled me over. So I think the only reason I got away with it is just because they thought I knew what I was doing! HAHA! And I mean, I guess I did!


  • AXIS Front Wing 920
  • S-Series Rear Wing 400mm wingspan
  • S-Series - Fuselage - Short Length - 680mm
  • AXIS K/S-Series Freeride Foil Mast 75cm

Very nice show and adversiting for our sport.
Greetings Frank

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Had to lookup what the Stanley Cup was for.
Ice hockey. Did not know that.
Congratulations and yes. You did look cool. Good promotion. :call_me_hand::call_me_hand: