Efoil listed on ebay now

Just found the first efoil on ebay… Interesting to see where it goes, during this world wide corona crisis :sweat_smile:



Here in the USA there have been several e-foil boards on eBay.

The “e-Takuma” you posted has been around for awhile. They also sell the same board under the name “Avanti”.

The remote looks terribly cheap!

Overall from what I’ve read it’s an ok beginners board. Really big. Easy to learn on. Just make sure to keep your fingers out of the prop! The prop on that board is a real finger eater! :rofl:


If I remember correctly, 2109€ until withdrawn by seller 21 hours before official sale end. Is it the max price the public is ready to pay for such a product (new) ? The seller had zero sales on his/her profile though.