Efoil Motorcycle

What do you think?

I’m looking for investors for this system.


interestingly. do you have a video of driving?

Thank you. I just started testing.
I will add videos soon.

It looks good. I think it will be interested. Good luck.

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I’m more of a standing up kinda guy, but for those that are unable to this would be great!
I also think this is a good platform for the self balancing systems as the handlebars could definitely be adapted to turn slightly which would provide the needed input for the controllers.
Can’t wait to see the videos of you riding it!

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That’s epic!! Keen to see it go!

I imagine the approach phase difficult …
Especially with the feet on the notches, much more power is needed.
Also, the weight will be significantly higher.
But very interesting idea.
Greetings Frank

for me, the driver must have his feet raised above the water level. and takes her legs down after takeoff

Awesome i hope this project will be successful I love the idea

Thank you for your good wishes.

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I am working on a „do not get wet device“

sorry for spoiling your thread


A foilkart ?
To avoid the pegs and feet in the water, maybe a kart position plus a canard hydrofoil so that the main part of the weight rider is above the rear and main wing ? Freely inspired from the 2016 Jetkart project.


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And you don’t see the blatantly obvious MASSIVE red flag here?
That’s also a completely different person in the photo’s…

Nice work ! Should be very fun to use on the water. Must feel a little like a speeder bike from starwars haha image


Awesome! I’m thinking about same project! I even drew similar sketches. Contact me, I’m interested. Have ideas about this. The only thing I thought of doing an extra two wings in the front for additional stabilization. And this project needs a bit more hydrodynamics.

Thank you for your nice thoughts and ideas. Many people are interested in the project. I know there are some missing and mistakes.But I built this in my house therefore it is natural to have mistakes.I am trying to fix the mistakes.if you are a serious investor contact me.

I’ve been working on a similar project and just found this thread. I think that the foot pegs aren’t a bad idea, but they can’t be in the water before you take off. My idea for fixing that was to mount them on a sliding seat, where the handles are extended outwards and the foot pegs are extended being you. Before you take off, you’d be laying down face forward somewhat like a bullet bike but with your legs extended behind you. Then once you launch, the handles and foot pegs could be pulled in by the rider to be in a seated position. That would allow you to have a more hydrodynamic position during the most power intensive portion of the ride.


I.e. i think your foot pegs need to be mounted on something that is attached to the crafts body, and not the mast.


Yes, I had a foldable Z in mind. Flattened Z before takeoff, Z upright position while flying.
The rider Center of Gravity will need to move above the foil while it gains speed, could play this role:
1 - the Z while folding AND /OR
2 - a gyro balanced / speed prediction system: a front wing with flaps (ala Supernova) or a rear wing with adjustable angle as https://flyofoils.com/ from Poland
see also: Flyo foils from Poland - Info for the DiYer - Products - FOIL.zone

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