Efoil Motors for sale

Hi, I have some extra parts from my testing.

These motors are in perfect working order. Price is in USD.

  1. Used Alien Motor - APS 56200 Inrunner - Brushless motor 100KV 8000W = $200
    3D print of duct and propeller is included

  2. New Reacher motor DL65150 100KV = $399

  3. New 1 x FR Motor = $1,200

PM me if you are serious.

image image image image

Alien Power System motor is sold.

Still have the FR motor, Reacher and TPPowers

Hey MauiMan, PM sent for FR motor. :yum:

Tp power usd? End kv?


The tp power has been used for dry testing only. It has never been in the ocean or lake.

It is 580KV, asking $300 plus shipping

I also have the 65150 motor which is 100KV, 1. New Reacher motor DL65150 100KV = $399

Is the FR motor still available?

Hi sorry, I sold it.

Hey there,

Would you be interested in building a thruster I can buy? Let me know if you are, I’ll let you know what I’m think for specifications.



Did you ever get the alienpower motor foiling? It’s attractive with the smaller diameter but surely loses quite a bit of torque at the same time. I’ve seen that people have struggled to get this motor foiling but i wonder if the motor/esc combination could maybe be optimised.