eFoil Rentals in Tampa, FL

To my surprise I saw two efoilers zip by on Boca Ciega Bay in St Pete, Florida yesterday. Turns out a local company is offering lessons and rentals on their new fleet of Lift eFoils. They claim to be the first in the U.S. to do so.

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In Houston, our local kiteshop gives courses (not sure about rental), and on lift foils too: Efoil - houstonkiteboarding

Interesting. Here are the St Pete prices:


And Houston (roughly the same:

Those hourly prices are insane and they won’t budge cause I talked to them earlier this year. Just come ride with us on our new efoils Carl! @sunrise305

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In Holland also available: “be the first of your friends”. 300 euro for 2x 75min. Crazy


Yeah well. Easy money for almost no work. Gotta love these middle men…

Depends how much they paid for their efoil boards.
When the sub 6000€ boards (wo VAT) arrive in the schools, not sure those Lift or Fliteboard rentals can maintain their fares …
In the US: theultrafoil.com 5995 USD for board AND foil
In Europe: etakuma.com 6490/5400€wo VAT or Cabratec 7250/5990€wo VAT for board AND foil
Pwrfoil - Electric Foil made in France - Electric Surf 4990/4160€wo but no board= new concept: you mount everything under an existing board

@chris from pwrfoil, when do you start shipping ?

SMH. Gotta love how Ultra Foil is using pictures from Don’s JetFoiler website.