Efoil Scammer on this Forum @noaharc

I’m embarrassed to say that I was scammed on this forum by @noaharc for a custom board, mast, motor, motor controller etc. I wanted to build my own battery and he was going to provide the rest. I paid him in full. The scam started in January 2021 and I gave up in late 2022 after too many of his lies and excuses about running into problems and not being able to give me anything. In the end, I received nothing from him. If he’s contacted you don’t BUY from him! I’m sure there are other people out there like me.

Look out for Noah Lieske in Naples Florida.


As mentioned before, we also ordered from Noah.

The order for a board was placed in October 2020, and we paid him: $1900
Noah had lots of problems with getting the board perfect, and around April '21, we asked for a refund as we already had DIY’ed another efoil.
The $1900 refund arrived sometime May '21

Were we luck by getting our payment back? Is noaharc a scammer? I do not know!


Thanks for sharing. I am in a similar situation.

I ordered a board, battery + BMS, and motor from them back in 2021. Earlier this year I reached out to them requesting a refund, but received no response. At this point I have received nothing and am out a few grand too.

I guess that I was one of the lucky once here by getting the refund back!
I really hope that you guys will get it back too :crossed_fingers:

In my defense…

Multiple fires, a nasty hurricane / flood, and half a dozen other crappy issues have cost me well over $150k in investment into the business.

I will do my best to fulfill all orders or get your money back. Unfortunately, I’ve had an incredibly difficult time over the years. Despite many hurdles, I’m still trying to keep the business going and fulfill all orders or refund people’s money.

This thread and the suspension of my account certainly isn’t going to help…

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I hope you can get it back. Totally feel sorry for you if all that crap is in your house. Running a business is tough especially when you are doing new shit and the price of ingredients is increasing like crazy as you go.
I wish you success.
All I can say is communication to your customers is super important…even if its bad news


I believed your lies for a year and half until you stopped replying and I gave up.

Don’t play the victim. I paid you for a product. I paid for the shipping. I received nothing. I asked you for a used board. I asked you for the motor, the controller, anything to hold in my hands to feel like you were going to fulfill your end of the bargain.

Your account should be suspended to protect other people. You can’t build a company on lies and deceit.

Noah redeem yourself in front of everyone here. I would love to retract this post and tell everyone what a great product you made.


Ha! And I thought I was the only one dumb enough to send cash. I did some extensive research on this person “Noah” and I only wish I had done it prior to sending any cash. He has quite an indebted history and encounters with authorities. Those that got refunded probably received because he had a bigger game developing.

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