Efoil stand DIY or where to buy?

I want to get a stable stand or holder for my efoil… Before starting DIY did anyone build one before or does anyone have an idea where to get such thing? Thought of something similar like liftoil but softer material or plastic…!

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Found this foil stand on Thingiverse (see link below). I did not create the CAD as well as have not tried making one myself. Hope this at least helps.

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Thanks, this looks like the one from Lift, Thats what I need;-)

Are there paper templets that can be printed out?

Yes, the ones you make and print:
1- download the dxf file,
2- open it using your favourite free sw: Inkscape, LibreOffice Draw, Fusion 360 (Online, no installation), …
3- scale the 10x4cm pattern to your liking, 6 to 8 factor, depends on fuselage length + preserve ratio,
4- print in muttiple A4 pages that you will glue,
5- report/glue cut your wood plank
Tune your lap-joints