Efoil V4 - Gong foil veloce XXL / trampa VESC 6 MK5 / flipsky remote and motor / flite prop / samsung 35E 12S12P

Hi the Efoil community,
I start a new thread to present my new project.
The goal of this new Efoil is the same spirit as my V3, focused on low consumption and autonomy ( 1h30 / 2h). But more compact and easy to disasemble.
the Board construction : 125* 58 * 10

124919632_369571157609430_4656101776803580756_n 124887035_2060340650767636_8892290783390169321_n 125077567_411776626510266_8281622208153720155_n

I tested the layout for 12S12P, all is fine

Ant smart bms, thickness 16.5mm

The power connector and RF connector, it’s not finished I need to reinforce and install the waterproof seal

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the mast with melted alu box for the Trampa VESC 6 mk5

here the alu box with Flipsky VESC6 but now I changed for Trampa MK5

I cut the mast to 72 vs 80 (just to fit in my Ford ranger :slight_smile: )

With the Trampa

Usplit 0V.11 + Flipsky receiver + trampa nrf wireless dongle for the setting


Seems like a quite possible success project as long as you route the antenna all the way forward on that smal board. Please report back if you see wateringress on your mastfoot pod as this is an attractive solution for passive cooling for the masses.

I hope that you have surfing experience since you have chosen a 60 liter “pro board”.
Also the medium veloce at 1000cm2 has plenty lift all ready at 20kmh.

I ride 190L board and <1000cm2 wings, but thats my preference at least wintertime when swimming back to shore = freezing to death :slight_smile:

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Hi Buddy,

Good luck with your new build- I’m sure you will do it right!
I was following your V3 build and it inspired me to build mine- Thanks for that.


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Very nice again.

You’ve gained a lot of experience. Is there a video or time-lapse of the process ?

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No sorry
but it’s pretty simple with the red sand
I used exactly this process for my VESC box :

I use this tool:

and here the link for the stl file


For the Prop I use the flite prop with the cone bought here :

you need to drill it if you use the flipsky motor :


Test thermal adhesive tape for the trampa
Good thermal dissipation

IR000124 IR000126 IR000127 !

Final test before potting

After I’ll need a smartphone with VESC tool for modified the configuration

And the board is finished :slight_smile:
it just misses the pad, which I will install after the first test on the water
in case I need to add an antenna extension


Potting VESC box finished and box closed with sikaflex gasket


Hello Jeff,

I’ve got the same magnetic switch as you. How did you manage to include it on the top of the board ? Did you glue the bottom part with epoxy into the foam ?
The bottom part shape is kinda weird as it’s normally made for motorcycle. Thanks :pray:t3:

Yes just inserted in the board and glue with epoxy

All is finished :slight_smile:
final test before polish the board

and the final result, add a green anodize aluminium screen for the cover
This Efoil is 3 kg less than my V3, 14kg without batterie and wing


Hi Jeff, It’s wonderful, how many centimeters are there between the axis of the mast and the bottom edge of the board ?


It s not necessarily a fixed distance. There’s a consensus that mid mast to board rear you have 1/5 or 20% of board length.

@jeffM, I love your new board and the simplicity of the battery box. Wouldn’t it have been more simple and maybe lighter to have four reinforced holes instead of 2 rails to hold the ESC box (mast) ?


Thanks Pierre,
28 cm

Yes you are right. but when I start the board I didn’t have the idear of the melted alu box.
and especially that I added 4 carbon studs to reinforce the rails.
look at the picture.

so if I had to do it again I will remove the rails

Thanks, so how do you four reinforced holes ?

Hi what kind of insert did you use to fix your aluminum plate ?

  • What is the model of brushless motor?