Efoil V5 (upgrade V3) full carbon gong mast, board 119*57 thickness 9.5

I tested today my last Efoil V5, and it was a sucess.

The test today with a water at 4°C

The idea was to take the parts of my V3 to make an Efoil as light as possible.
I took the flipsky motor, the Vesc and the lion battery.
My old Efoil 24kg

and the new one full carbon 19kg with battery and wing

Efoil V5 présentation - YouTube

Description of the steps :
I used a 70 cm carbon gong mast

I used the Manu clamp, which I had to modify to adapt to the carbon mast.

For the board I used a EPS with Surface coating based on epoxy resin, microballoon and colloidal silica. and all the stratification was done under vacuum.
Size 119*57 and thickness 9.5

For the link mast and board I used 4 carbon inserts

I reused the vesc flipsky cooled by water, to transform it with passive cooling without pump

And encapsulated with silicone

For the top cover I used 9 carbon layer

For the battery I used my old samsung 30Q 12S 10P ( 1H15 autonomy)
but I changed the BMS because the thickness of the old one was too big to fit in 9.5 cm
I used the same charging system as my V4

And finally I still have the same security system with a 48V kilovac and
magnetic switch


Awesome work!
Does the Magic Rubber work good for you?

awesome !!! how did ya find the perfect sweet spot to attach the mast to the board?

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Hi justito,

Yes, no issue

Hi okp,

it’s the same like my v4 (25cm from the back)

Prop @Flying_Rodeo received and tested :slight_smile:
16A with wing gong XLT


Fantastic, the water looks like glass.

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Great ! Is your xlt a curve or a véloce ?

Hi Alexandre,

Picture before I remove the silkscreen

Efoil training for my daughter with my V4 and a curve in size M


Time for a test ?

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