Efoil V6 - (V4 upgrade)

Hi Efoil builder team,

I upgrade My V4, with full mast carbone, new cooling VESC, new VESC (maytech V2 200A)
new board full carbone. I reduced the weight by 4kg.

Old setup

New setup

Some build pictures :

I needed to replace the silicone cables, due to the corrosion X


Very nice! How do you like the carbon monoblock mast?

it is perfect for E-Foil
I don’t know if I will use it for the wing,
but for our use in E-foil, it is a good ratio, weight, quality price

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Hey Jeff, could you show me how you made that connectors from mast to usc? And how did you seal the mast cables (are they removable)?


I use bullet connector and this connector for the waterproofing
Connecteur De Fil Électrique Industriel, Étanche Ip68, 2/3 Broches, Prise Extérieure, Droit, Rapide Scre - Connecteurs - AliExpress

the mast are not removable

Looking good!!

How much does the new board weigh(with everything ready for ride) ?

21kg with 12s 12p battery

Not bad! :+1: i’ll make an effort with next build - would be great to get under 20kg with a decent battery.

I tried with VESC kill switch on 3V and AD2
it’s work, but I saw the motor running a little after the safety was engaged.
I don’t trust with this system
So I stay with my kilovac to cut the power in case of a fall

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Good to know but also a sad news in some respect.
How would you translate “a little” in seconds or meters ?
Do you know if PWR or Takuma react faster with their magnet kill-switch solution?

Imo the best option for a kill switch is to apply full brake when activated. But then everything remains connected, i just override the rx signal

the propeller rotate only half a turn.
It’s nothing, but I prefer to stay with my security with a kilovac
I don’t know the magnet kill switch solution of PWR or Takuma

New test yesterday


This board looks small. I like it. What is the size?


125 * 48 * 9,5 cm

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Build looks great!
I’m new to the Efoil build program and have a couple of questions that I’d be stoked if you could answer:
-what is the dimensions of your battery/control module box?
-what did you use for the waterproof box itself?
-that motor looks huge-whar motor is it?
-What foil are you using?

And Finally:

-How much did this unit cost you in parts- no labour or board costs includes.

The pics you posted have motivated me and now feel I will be able to tackle this.


New ride :

  • Monteynard DRAC
  • Bourget Lake (gopro 11 - 4K120)

Hi @jeffM, where did you find this electrical box? Size? IPXX??