eFoil with less than 4.4kW?

I’m just starting in the eFoil topic. But before I even start building I’m already facing one problem:
On the lakes in my area only electric vehicles with max 4.4kW are allowed. As far as I have seen eFoils normally have more kW.
Can you tell me:
Is it possible to build a eFoil with only 4.4kW?
Does someone know a motor which would match this?

Thank you so much in advance!!


Hi John,

sure it is possible. On my lakes is the same rule.
With a 63100 motor and a Gong Rise or Pro wing in the M-L or even xl range (depending on your weight) it is easily possible.
I drive a Gong Rise M so far with 63100 motor and 12s battery and for takeoff I need around 3-3,5kW. When you are flying it something between 1-3kW, depending on your desired speed.

Start building, it is big fun.

Hi, just limit your ESC to 4.4kW and use any setup you like. Its more than enough to get you on the foil!

My Vesc limits at 3.6kW. but i guess, i have never run into this Limit.
Take Off 2,5kW
Cruise 1kW
36-39kmh 3-3.5kW

With your 80100 or 63100 motor ?

63100 of course

Even with that tiny board, 2,5kW is enough for Take Off

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Sounds great actually!
Thank you so much for your responses. I will do some more googling about the 63100, Gong Rise and Pro wing :slightly_smiling_face:

So my question is: how will “they” check you’ve exceeded the 4.4kw limit ? :wink:

No sir. 4.4kw ? I swear !