EFoil with room for the whole family

Sort of a car on foils…

CNN video…

Specs here…

Is there a reason why all small boats aren’t foils? It seems like a much more elegant and efficient way to get across water.

What am I missing?

In the world of boating you need to assume that people are going to do completely illogical things. Therefore they will try to take a boat as shallow as possible going as fast as possible. A normal boat hull hitting a rock or sand bank is intense enough. Now imagine that hull with less clearance under the water because because of the foils. If that hit a rock or sandbank it would rip the foil clean off and potentially injure someone quite badly.
Now also add the fact that boats occasionally hit people. If you get hit by the hull, you might just get a bruise. If you get hit by a foil with that much momentum behind it, it will most likely cut a part of you off.

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Here is a new one, it has J foils and doesn’t look too efficient with 2x 300Hp generators. The rudders with the motor pods look similar to our efoils.